Lewd Uraraka Ochaco Cosplay Set By Akemi101xoxo

Uraraka Ochaco Cosplay Set By Akemi101xoxo

Complete lewd Uraraka Ochaco Cosplay Set By Akemi101xoxo featuring the popular My Hero Academia anime character in real life.

Akemi Hogan also known as Akemi101xoxo and AkamiKun is an American cosplayer, costume designer, and a promotional and entertainment model. Her Instagram account showcases all her latest cosplays. It was in 2013 that she made the switch from modelling to cosplay. Anaheim, California-based photography and design business Wonderland Studios has made her a VIP member and partner.

Born in  September 25, 1994, she has risen to become of the top rated cosplayers out of the USA. Akami releases all her latest lewd and nude cosplays on her Patreon and Only Fans paid service accounts. She tends to cosplay popular Anime characters but also delves into gaming and trending fictional characters.

Complete Lewd Uraraka Ochaco Cosplay Set By Akemi101xoxo

Hardcore Cosplay will be featuring all the latest lewd and nude cosplays as they are release by Akami.

Who Is Ochako Uraraka

Ochako is Izuku’s best friend. Her Quirk is Zero Gravity which allows her to make any object she touches with her fingertips float, although she will become nauseous if she uses the ability too much. Aside from Katsuki, she also refers to Izuku as “Deku” but unlike the former, she calls him this nickname out of affection, commenting that “Deku” gives the vibe of never giving up.

She eventually switches to Deku-kun a move that prompted him to accept the name. She comes from a family of construction workers, and because there is not much of a market for them, they are poor. Due to this, Ochako aspires to become a hero for money so she can give her parents an easy life. Ochako originally meets Izuku prior to Yuuei’s entrance exam, after she stops him from falling over after he tripped on his own foot. This caused Izuku to develop a large crush on her (as he had “talked” to a girl), to the point of blushing and stammering every time he is with her. Izuku eventually returns the favor by saving her during the entrance exam, and Yuuga later deduces that Ochako returns Izuku’s feelings, despite her attempts to deny this.

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