Complete Lewd Bathing Tifa Cosplay Set By Oichi

Tifa Cosplay Set By Oichi

Complete lewd bathing Tifa Cosplay Set By Oichi featuring the popular Final Fantasy character in real life lewd topless cosplay.

Oichi chan is a Cosplayer and Instagram star. She got recognized for posting pictures of her animated and cartoon cosplays on her ‘oichichan’ Instagram account which attracts her fans. Currently, she has accumulated thousands of followers on her Instagram account. She began posting her cosplay pictures on her Instagram account from an early age.

Other than Instagram, she is a cosplayer who has played numerous cosplay characters and entertains her fans. Besides this, she earns a good amount of money by sharing her exclusive and personal content on various platforms including PatreonOnlyFans, and Print. Oichichan was born in Moscow, Russia. She was raised in Moscow, Russia, and completed her education in Moscow, Russia. She wanted to be a cosplayer from an early age and currently, she lived her dream life.

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Who Is Tifa

Tifa Lockheart is one of the three female protagonists that first appeared in Squaresoft’s Final Fantasy VII. A bartender, she is also a skilled martial artist and a major character in the game’s storyline, having grown up in the same town as the main protagonist Cloud Strife. She has also appeared in numerous other games and productions set within the universe of Final Fantasy VII.

Tifa has dark brown hair, occasionally appearing black, which typically falls below her waist and is tied at the tips to form a dolphin-tail split. In Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and some other appearances, her hair is mid-back length. Tifa has red eyes, though they have been depicted as a brown in some appearances. She has an athletic build, with a slender but toned physique, and visible abdominals. Her bust-waist-hip measures are 92-60-88 cm (37-24-35 inches), and her bust size is Japanese G70 (American 32 DDD)

Tifa has a few other alternate outfits. During “To Corneo Hall” in Final Fantasy VII, Tifa wears an indigo minidress with matching heels. In Final Fantasy VII Remake, the equivalent “The Town That Never Sleeps” chapter sees Tifa wear one of three dresses based on player choices: her indigo minidress (with ankle-straps on the heels) by default or if the player selected a “refined” dress, a black leopard-print cheongsam with her hair up in “odango” buns if the player selects a “sporty” dress, or a short black kimono-style dress with pink flower hair accessories if the player selects an “exotic” dress. 

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