Complete Lewd Misty Cosplay Set By Rusty Fawkes

Misty Cosplay Set By Rusty Fawkes

Complete lewd Misty Cosplay Set By Rusty Fawkes featuring the popular Pokemon character in real life sexy lewd teen cosplay. Rusty Fawkes is a famous American Cosplayer and TikTok Star that became famous for her punk cosplay photos on social media. In 2021 she started to release topless nude cosplays of popular video game and anime characters.

Rusty Fawkes was born on September 17, 1996, Tuesday, in the United States. Rusty holds the American nationality and her zodiac sign is Virgo. She has small ample breasts with large nipples which makes her unique amongst the cosplay fandom. You can pay to become a Patreon of Rusty Fawkes or join her Only Fans account if you want to see more of her.

Rusty has been featured several times amongst the top cosplayers list and also has her own Top Secret Rusty Fawkes Nude Cosplay Collection e-Book on Cospixy. She sometimes disappears from the cosplay scene and takes a few months off posting which is unfortunate for her fans.

Complete Lewd Misty Cosplay Set By Rusty Fawkes

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Who Is Misty

Misty is a character making her debut in Pokémon Red and Green. Misty is the Gym Leader of the Cerulean City Gym and specializes in Water-type Pokémon. She gives the Cascade Badge to trainers that defeat her. She also goes by the title The Tomboyish Mermaid.

Misty is a slender girl with a fit build and spiky hair. Unlike most other characters, her appearance has a tendency to fluctuate.

Misty has blonde hair and light skin. She wears a strapless two-piece blue swimsuit (with the bottoms being shorts) that leaves her arms, legs, midriffs, and belly button bare. A pair of sandals completes the outfit.

Misty resembles her anime counterpart. She has orange hair held in a spiky ponytail and is garbed in a new outfit that is similar to what her anime counterpart wears. She wears a white and blue sleeveless shirt, blue denim shorts, and red, blue, and white sneakers. Underneath her clothes, she wears a red bikini top with a blue gem in the middle and matching red bikini bottoms that resemble boyshorts. Like her Red and Blue outfit, her midriffs and belly button are shown.

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