Complete Lewd Marin Kitagawa Cosplay Set By Joyce

Marin Kitagawa Cosplay Set By Joyce

Complete Lewd Marin Kitagawa Cosplay Set By Joyce featuring the stunning main protagonists from My Dress-Up Darling manga series.

Marin is a tall, young girl with long hair that has a gradient from blonde to soft pink. her forehead is covered by part of her bangs and reach down to her eyelashes. Two small locks of her hair extend down past her shoulders in her front. She has straight hair in the manga which eventually becomes curly. She has multiple silver/white ear piercings all over both of her ears.

For her school uniform, she wears a white button up sleeved shirt tied at the waist in the front. Her sleeves are often rolled up to her elbows. She wears a light blue school uniform skirt that reaches knee length and a dark grey tie, as well as accessories such as a choker and other jewelry. She wears black socks and brown shoes. She has long, sharp, sparkly pink painted nails.

Marin is a extravagant, messy, and mature, who been clumsy as a same class in the style at gyaru and has a cheerful demeanor, along with Wakana. She been quite protective of her details and she didn’t have personality skills at handiworks. Marin is the big fan of the big otaku wide range at preferences, for magical girl anime and adult video games.

She also is the cheerful, love interest with Gojou. She loves eating but still despite her health to shape of her maintains to eat the lot.

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