Chun Li Battle Outfit Cosplay Set By Queenie Chuppy

Chun Li Battle Outfit Queenie Chuppy

Complete lewd Chun Li Battle Outfit Cosplay Set By Queenie Chuppy featuring the popular Streetfighter video game character in real life.

Queenie Chuppy is an Adult content creator that focuses on lewd Anime and Gaming cosplays. She releases her cosplays regularly on her Patreon and Only Fans paid services.

Queenie Chuppy Cosplay used to go under the name of QQueen Cosplayer where she released nude cosplays of popular fictional characters. In 2020 she changed her name to Queenie Chuppy and now only releases lewd cosplays. 

Complete Lewd Chun Li Battle Outfit Cosplay By Queenie Chuppy

Queenie Chuppy is one of the only chubby Asian cosplayers that showcases hardcore lewd images of characters.

Who Is Chun Li

Chun-Li is a fictional character in Capcom’s Street Fighter video game series. The first ever female playable character to appear in a fighting game to gain mainstream recognition, she first appeared in Street Fighter II: The World Warrior in 1991.

Chun-Li’s appearance has differed several times in the Street Fighter series, as well as in official art and cameos she has made in other works. She is known for her very muscular thighs.

Chun-Li wears a qipao, a Chinese dress imported over from Manchuria that became popular among girls during the early 20th century. Her outfit is modified to allow a far wider range of movement than a normal qipao. She also wears white combat/boxing boots of varying height (around calf-length in games such as the Street Fighter II series and older vs. Capcom titles, or around knee-high in games based around her 3rd Strike sprite) and a blue leotard with dark brown sheer pantyhose and a blue thong underneath with her qipao. Her qipao is blue with golden accents. She was originally supposed to wear a peach-colored qipao, as seen in her in-game profile and ending in the original Street Fighter II

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